‘Wellbeing and iPad’ – creative ways to promote a healthy mind.

I love sharing creative ideas that support teachers in using iPad in their classrooms. More recently, I’ve been working with schools who mention they don’t have much time to learn new skills on iPad with their students. The struggle to find time that is not assessment based to teach independent skills on iPad, therefore lack the integration of these digital literacy skills across the curriculum.

Student wellbeing is as important now as it’s ever been and often digital technology is seen detrimental to this. To me this is unfortunate because technology has the ability to really transform the way we learn things, and engage with new content and ideas. This is the reason I have created these four resources, that not only focus on student wellbeing, but also develop digital literacy skills for teachers to use in other curriculum areas. Here’s the a brief overview of the four lessons:

Lesson 1: Self-Awareness and Emotional Regulation with Keynote
Objective: Students will be able to identify and label their emotions and use coping strategies to regulate them.

Lesson 2: Social Awareness and Empathy with Clips
Objective: Students will be able to understand and respond to the emotions, thoughts, and needs of others.

Lesson 3: Resilience and Mental Health
Objective: Students will be able to build resilience and identify the signs and symptoms of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

Lesson 4: Positive Mental Health
Objective: Students will be able to promote positive mental health through mindfulness, physical activity, and positive relationships.

Stay updated with this post as the resources drop, this page will be updated 🙂

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