Wellbeing and iPad – Social Awareness and Empathy

This lesson explores students being aware of the feelings and emotions of others – empathy. They will use Clips to recreate common scenarios to see identify how others are feeling and ways to support their emotions.

Below are a set of scenario cards that match this lesson, feel free to use if you wish, as well as a clips project file for download to save some time in the classroom.

Lesson Objective: Students will be able to understand and respond to the emotions, thoughts, and needs of others.

App: Clips


  • Using the Clips app, students will work in small groups (to assist with recording) to create a short video that demonstrates a scenario where empathy is needed.
  • Students will act out the scenario, and then record a short video using the Clips app. As a class you can come up with some sample scenarios or there are some created for you below in the resource section.
  • Students will then use the Clips app to add captions and speech bubbles to the video to show how they are responding to the emotions and needs of the other person in the scenario. Tip – they can use ‘Live Captions’ to narrate over their video if they prefer too, this might be easier to with sound and recording.
  • Students will then present their videos to the class and discuss how they showed empathy in their chosen scenario.

Now students have completed this task, they can utilise Clips in a range of learning areas, it is great for capturing short sequences of learning, from lab experiments, recording voices, making simple podcasts and much more.


Getting Started in Clips – apple.com

As always if you would like any help with this or anything else digital technology, please reach out. I’d love to hear how you have used this in your classroom.

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