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Welcome back to the “Wellbeing and iPad” series!

In my previous posts ‘Wellbeing and iPad’, we explored the significance of student wellbeing in the classroom and how technology, particularly the iPad, can play a transformative role in nurturing student wellness. Today, we dive deeper into the topic, introducing “My Wellbeing Toolkit,” a fun and creative approach to teaching self-care, emotional intelligence, building relationships, and decision making using Pages, Keynote, GarageBand and Freeform.

Student wellbeing is a critical aspect of their holistic development. When students feel mentally and emotionally supported, they are better equipped to navigate the challenges they face both inside and outside the classroom. By fostering a positive environment that promotes wellbeing, educators can empower students to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.

“My Wellbeing Toolkit” is a comprehensive program designed to engage students in exploring four essential areas of wellbeing: self-care, managing emotions, building relationships, and making responsible decisions. Leveraging the power of the iPad, students can embark on a creative journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

With iPad at their creative disposal, students can explore a range of interactive activities to enhance their wellbeing. They can unleash their creativity by creating animations, expressing their emotions visually, and gaining a deeper understanding of different perspectives. They create their own mindful sound board, that promote relaxation and self-reflection. Engaging with creative conversation cards (download cards here) they foster meaningful discussions, empathy, and stronger connections with peers. And finally, by utilising Freeform, students can organise their thoughts, analyse the pros, cons and unknowns, to make more informed decisions.

As students progress through each area of the “My Wellbeing Toolkit,” they earn digital GIF badges, symbolising their achievements and celebrating their growth in self-care, emotional management, relationship-building, and responsible decision-making. These GIFs are downloadable below for you to Airdrop directly to students.

I hope you are able to use, adapt and enjoy this resource! I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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