Technology, pedagogy and content in the same sentence!

As teachers we love a good acronym PLT, IEP, EAL …., the list goes on and seemingly continues to grow every new school year or PD (another one) we attend. Another great one that has been more prevalent over the past few years is TPACK, used as an educational technology framework for the more effective integration ofContinue reading “Technology, pedagogy and content in the same sentence!”

Lead from any position

Take a think about a leader who has inspired you, what are their traits? What makes them a good leader? Often, there are misconceptions about what it truly means to be a leader, and these are often transcribed in education to becoming a manager. The meaning can be found in the root of each word,Continue reading “Lead from any position”

Getting Started – A Paperless Classroom

Not only a great way to save some trees, a paperless classroom saves time. With a plethora of online tools to support student learning there are also many that just make your life easier and more efficient. I have compiled a small list of the tools I use to streamline my classrooms workflow to allowContinue reading “Getting Started – A Paperless Classroom”

Rubrics – just a checklist or effective learning tool?

Over the past few months, I have been rediscovering the power of student rubrics in the classroom. Though not necessarily a new concept in education, I feel their utilisation in improving learning outcomes is highly underrated. As teachers, we all expect particular outcomes when students are working on a new concept or topic, but howContinue reading “Rubrics – just a checklist or effective learning tool?”

STEM- new idea or are we reinventing the wheel?

STEM, STEAM or however you want to say it is beginning to revolutionise the learning of students across the globe. More recently, educational jobs and titles that are specific to STEM are becoming more prevalent on job sites and email signatures. But what does it all mean? What is STEM and is it beneficial forContinue reading “STEM- new idea or are we reinventing the wheel?”

Life as an International Educator

For the past 5 years I have worked as an international educator. There are many questions I get asked by friends and family when we visit home, skypes, messages, or chats at ridiculous hours of the day. You get to travel the world and meet some amazing friends and educators that would have been previouslyContinue reading “Life as an International Educator”