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Identifying where to start is often very difficult. Take a browse below and see if anything resonates with you and your current practice. The offerings below are meant to be an ongoing relationship between your school to best achieve a positive and deep impact. All offerings can be conducted in face-to-face, virtual or in hybrid models – whatever best suits you. If there is something below that interests you, please reach out for a friendly chat. 


Navigate the digital space with a deeper understanding of digital pedagogies and how they support all aspects of teaching and learning.

Create your own curriculum

Personalise your existing curriculum, or develop your own scope and sequence, to create more contextualised learning experiences for your learners.

Apple Teacher Certification

Utilise Apple Education’s Apple Teacher Certification, this involves an enriched style of this certification leaving teachers more empowered and ready to get integrating!

Unpacking the Curriculum

Better understanding the written curriculum allows for richer experiences for students, from ACARA, Victoria and even the ISTE standards.

Mentoring for Digital Leaders

A fully customisable mentoring program working with aspiring digital leaders to support their digital journey.

Want something more specific?

There are a range of varied offerings that may suit your more specific needs. Click below to find out more.

Improve your Digital Pedagogy

Understanding more in-depth elements of how technology can be used makes it easier and more enjoyable to integrate technology into your classroom. By exploring and unpacking new digital pedagogy models such as SAMR and TPACK will allow you to take your learning to the next level! Reach out to begin this journey now.

Creating your own Digital Technology Curriculum

Depending on your school and environment, you may not have a written curriculum you follow or how to best understand it if you do. Re-writing a curriculum, or crafting a skills scope and sequence that is more achievable for all stakeholders might seem like a huge undertaking. However, with a structured approach this can be achieved to meet the needs of your school. Leveraging elements of best practice and various curricular you can have your own digital technology curriculum that suits your needs. Get in touch to begin this process!

Getting the most out of what you have

Tight on a budget for resources? Or you have a range of tools and hardware but looking to get a better bang for your buck? Or need to develop a strategy for better implementation? Coby can provide a comprehensive review of your current digital learning environment utilising my self-created Digital Learning Framework. This framework allows schools to review current practises across the 5 pillars of digital learning to identify elements of success and areas for improvement. This bespoke approach allows schools to better utilise current digital tools and resources and plan for future success and innovation.

Mentoring for you

Too often Digital Technology falls onto one or two of those ‘techy’ teachers, who often need support and guidance. Coby was one of these teachers early in his career too and fully understands the complexities and challenges faced. This aspect of tailored mentorship for school digital leaders can assist in developing personal knowledge of digital technology, better understanding of technology pedagogy and practice. Additionally, by getting started on creating a shared vision and strategy to better implement a well-structured and enriching digital technology program.

Apple Teacher Certification 

A great way to up-skill teachers and students alike is to take part in Apple’s certified Apple Teacher program. The online program guides learners through a range of apps and tools within the Apple ecosystem. Though this can be completed independently online, in my experience tailoring the program to suit the individual needs of teachers and schools, has a more profound impact on student learning long-term. 

Unpacking the Digital Technology Curriculum

It is extremely difficult to teach a curriculum that does not make sense to teachers in the first place. This approach allows teachers to better unpack and understand the aspects of the Digital Technology Curriculum, and most importantly easy to follow examples of how to teach it. The Digital Technology curriculum supports a variety of way of thinking that can support cross-curricular connections such as design thinking, computational thinking and systems thinking. Understanding this connection is the first step in creating powerful learning opportunities for your students.  

More specific workshops or ongoing development

Below is a list of previous workshops/sessions Coby has delivered, take a look through if there is anything that interests you. By no means is this list all-inclusive, so if there is a new tool, model or toy you’d like support with please reach out.

  • 1:1 iPad Implementation
  • Getting Started with Scratch
  • Making with Micro:bit
  • How to make the Google Ecosystem work for you
  • The wonderful world of touch with Makey Makey
  • Promoting student voice through Podcasting
  • Digital Citizenship, now and for the future
  • ISTE standards – now what?
  • Get Tinkering with Maker Education